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We Capture Attention

Audiences are getting smarter every day. We know how to reach them.

American adults are spending 11+ hours a day consuming some form of media. That’s over four FOUR THOUSAND hours a year! They’re experts at media consumption.

But most brands, non-profits and even ad agencies don’t know how to properly break through the noise barrier and capture those audiences. We didn’t either until we realized a key principle: Audiences don’t care how amazing your product or message is if they don’t feel like you understand what they need and that YOU can address that need.

And that’s what we offer. We discover what your audience needs, translate that into video content that ACTUALLY captures their attention, and pair it with ad campaigns that deliver results.

And those results speak for themselves. Our work has returned our clients investments tenfold and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, nonprofit gifts and audience subscriptions. And we’d love to work with you to transform your business with video as well. So give us a shout below. Or if you’re not convinced, keep scrolling and check out some of our projects.

Let’s Build your Audience

Our History

A “cool” name

A 13-year-old kid, named Ian Reid is making stupid movies with his friends in Northern Idaho. He decides that the name of the production company that makes those videos should be called “Distant Moon.” He had his reasons, but they’re a close-kept secret.


In the Basement

Ian Reid and his college friend, Peter Forbes, decide to partner and incorporate the business that Ian had been running since he was a junior in college. They begin working out of Ian’s basement.

Summer 2018

It gets real

Distant Moon brings on its first full-time employee, Jesse Eastman, as an Assistant Director and Editor. He joined the company right in the middle of post-production on a massive six-hour-long WWII documentary online course project. He didn’t sleep much.

Fall 2018

Out of the Basement

In preparation for expansion, Distant Moon leaves the basement and gets a slick vintage-meets modern post-production office just outside of Washington DC.


Growing the Fam

Two new employees join the team. Brandon DeTraglia becomes our post-production supervisor and Alana Varley becomes our production manager.


Original Content

Distant Moon expands its service offering, creating not only branding and short documentary work, but partners with several organizations to produce feature length content, expected to release in 2021. Our team also begins launching original content in partnership with artists, storytellers, and our internal team.

Washington, DC

Let’s push YOUR brand

Most brands and nonprofits know they need to reach audiences. They know they need video. But they don’t know HOW those two facts need to align. We’d love to help you discover how video, when crafted correctly and when released properly can create massive growth for your brand.

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