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Heritage RECLAIM

The first of four short films in the RECLAIM series, which chronicles the growth, love, and loss in a man’s life as he discovers what makes life worth living.

Created for a nationwide tour that used 30+ foot screens at live venues, these four films immersed the audience in a narrative suited to the information presented at the live event. Because the client was using screens at a 3:1 aspect ratio, we shot in 5k and scaled/cropped the footage to this super-wide aspect ratio.

Footage available for licensing at
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Client: The Heritage Foundation
Agency: Distant Moon
Prod. Company: Distant Moon
Director / DP: Ian Reid
Writer / Producer: Peter Forbes
Producer: David Cook
DP / Gaffer / Camera Operator: James Burgess
Production Designer: Felicia Goebel
Hair / Makeup / Wardrobe: Mary Smit
Set Dressers: Jessica Friberg, Chelsea Moore
Production/Art PAs: Arel Avellino, Madelyn Smit
Catering: Partisan Cafe (

Music: Ryan Taubert / The Music Bed
Sound Design: Defacto Sound
VFX: Nick Woythaler

The RECLAIM Series Features:
Andrew Sensenig

In Order of Appearance:
Behn Olmstead
Asher Olmstead
Alexandra Patton
Seth Olmstead
Morris Nylander
Todd Thurman
Aaron Olmstead
John Ligon
Katie Nielsen
Joanna Carden
Serena Olmstead
Andrew Sensenig
Teresa Scanlan
Susan Mercado
Sylvia Olmstead


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